The Ukrainian House

The Ukrainian House in Warsaw is run by the Foundation “Our Choice” (FOC), an NGO established in 2009 and from its inception run by immigrants from Ukraine.

We specialise in supporting the integration of migrants into Polish society and opposing the exclusion and discrimination of foreigners. We build bridges between Poles and Ukrainians and strive to disabuse negative stereotypes.

In the light of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian House has today turned into a crisis response centre. Today, the Ukrainian House is:

  • Providing an infoline with advice and support for Ukrainians arriving in Poland. The infoline is open daily from 9-21.
  • Providing information about changing conditions and procedures at the border.
  • Finding accommodation for Ukrainians arriving in Poland.
  • Coordinating volunteers wishing to help in the crisis response.
  • Providing advice for Poles wishing to provide assistance to Ukrainians arriving in Poland.
  • Coordinating the distribution of aid and support to Ukraine.
  • Giving commentaries and providing information on the latest developments for the press.
  • Providing psychological support for Ukrainians in Poland.

We are not able to receive donations of objects.


All our efforts are dedicated to providing continuous and holistic support for Ukraine and Ukrainians at this testing time. We declare our unwavering support for the right of Ukraine to be a free and independent state with full control over its territory, and for Ukrainians to be able to live in peace.



About us
In the light of the latest events transpiring in Ukraine, we cannot stand idly by.




You can donate to:

Our Choice Foundation (Fundacja Nasz Wybór):

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In Solidarity with Ukraine

In the light of the latest events transpiring in Ukraine, we cannot stand idly by!🇺🇦🇵🇱

We have launched an official crowdfunding campaign as a symbol of solidarity with our neighbors and in order to provide targeted aid to those in need. We do not know how the situation is going to escalate in the days to come, but one thing is sure – even now, our help can change the fate of Ukrainians afflicted by Russia’s hostility.

In order to provide the best aid available, all funds collected will be given to organizations providing humanitarian aid. The people working there know best what kind of exact aid Ukrainians need in this difficult time.

Every donation is a gesture of support and solidarity with those attacked by Russia. Help them with a donation and share the project, wherever you can – let the world know that Poland is in solidarity with Ukraine. Share the tag: #SolidarniZUkraina 🇺🇦🇵🇱


In the name of the Ukrainian community in Poland, in the light of the Russian attack on Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis provoked by this aggression, we appeal for support and help to be shown to all people escaping from war, regardless of their national and ethnic backgrounds.

From the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, tens of thousands of people daily have been seeking shelter in Poland. These people have been abruptly forced to leave their homes and have faced many difficulties in undertaking a long and dangerous trip on overcrowded trains and queuing for many hours at border crossings. In their number are not only citizens of Ukraine, but also of other countries, in particular from Africa and Asia.

The observations of our volunteers and media reports indicate that people of other nationalities are treated less favourably and encounter discrimination at the border. They face difficulties in boarding busses and trains, and are pushed out of queues. Also, for people offering help with transport and accommodation, the appearance of people of nationalities other than Ukrainian is frequently a shock, and unfortunately help is not always offered equally willingly. Nonetheless, these are people who up until this point have been living, working or studying in Ukraine and who now – like all other inhabitants of Ukraine – are fleeing from war and looking for safety.

In Poland, in both social and political terms, we have witnessed enormous mobilisation and self-organisation on behalf of people arriving from Ukraine. Many significant innovations have been introduced to help them: for example, free transport or medical services. A lack of awareness of the fact that amongst those seeking help are also people who are not Ukrainian citizens means that people greatly in need of assistance are denied access to it.

We appeal for our solidarity to be shown equally to all those who need it. We strongly condemn all forms of discrimination or violence against refugees.

The Union of Ukrainans in Poland
The Foundation “Our Choice”